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Swedish/Swiss JV Pushing UAVs

Swedish/Swiss JV Pushing UAVs
Swedish/Swiss JV Pushing UAVs. UMS Skeldar newly formed joint venture
<p><strong>UMS&nbsp;Skeldar, the newly-formed joint venture between Saab and Swiss&nbsp;UAV&nbsp;company&nbsp;UMS&nbsp;Aero, can be found here on the stand of its regional partner&nbsp;CWT&nbsp;Defense Services (D87). The stand features full-scale models of the Skeldar rotary-wing&nbsp;UAV&nbsp;that Saab developed, and the smaller&nbsp;R350&nbsp;unmanned helicopter that&nbsp;UMSdesigned.&nbsp;CWT&nbsp;is a diversified Singaporean logistics and engineering services company that has provided equipment and services to the Singapore armed&nbsp;forces.</strong></p> <p>Jacob Baumann,&nbsp;UMS&nbsp;Skeldar&nbsp;CEO, said that Singapore was a natural choice for the launch of the joint venture&rsquo;s platforms, systems and managed services. It is targeting the Asia Pacific and Middle East as priority regions, and says it has already agreed contracts with governments in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the&nbsp;UAE. Alex Yang, managing director of&nbsp;CWT&nbsp;Aerospace Services, told&nbsp;AIN&nbsp;that the Indonesian military was a customer for the&nbsp;UMS&nbsp;F330, a mid-size fixed-wing&nbsp;UAV.</p> <p>The Skeldar V-200 can be launched from ships, traveling road convoys or stationary sites and can hover for hours while relaying surveillance imagery to a control station or remote video terminal. It is fully autonomous. TheF330&nbsp;has a larger fixed-wing brother designed by&nbsp;UMS, the&nbsp;F720&nbsp;with a 7.2-m wingspan which has flown, but is still being&nbsp;developed.</p> <p>CWT&rsquo;s Yang told&nbsp;AIN&nbsp;that the company aimed to offer turnkey solutions, including pilots, and would lease as well as sell the&nbsp;UMS&nbsp;Skeldar&nbsp;UAV&nbsp;lineup.</p> <p>In addition to representing&nbsp;UMS&nbsp;Skeldar,&nbsp;CWT&nbsp;Aerospace Systems is also promoting micro-UAVs: an amphibious tri-rotor hybrid named Bullray from Rapid Composites in the U.S.; an electric-powered flying wing from a Slovenian company named Bramor rTK (real-Time Kinematics); and a quad-rotor from German company Microdrones, designated&nbsp;MD4. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</p>