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Skyports Drone Services introduces Cash-to-Master deliveries in Singapore and Korea

Skyports Drone Services introduces Cash-to-Master deliveries  in Singapore and Korea
Skyports Drone Services introduces Cash-to-Master deliveries in Singapore and Korea
<p><strong>Skyports Drone Services&nbsp;announced the addition of Cash-to-Master&nbsp;services to&nbsp;its repertoire of ship-to-shore services.&nbsp;The CTM service was announced today at the annual Singapore Maritime Week event, with&nbsp;a live demonstration of the new offering taking place at the Maritime Drone Estate,&nbsp;Singapore&rsquo;s drone testbed. Attendees included event delegates and representatives from&nbsp;the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore. Attendees were shown the full flight&nbsp;process, from the placement of a delivery slot by the vessel master, to the electric aircraft&rsquo;s<br /> arrival back at shore.</strong></p> <p>A successful trial period of the CTM service was carried out between January and April&nbsp;2023, during which Skyports Drone Services worked with Pacific Carriers Limited to&nbsp;demonstrate capabilities for end-users. Now live, the service is being introduced as a part of&nbsp;the drone operator&rsquo;s permanent line up of services offered in Singapore and Korea. Other&nbsp;services currently being offered include express sample analysis lanes for bunker, water and&nbsp;lubricant oil samples, and on-demand cargo deliveries for packages up to 10 kg.</p> <p>Sanjay Suresh, APAC General Manager for Skyports Drone Services, commented:&nbsp;&ldquo;Theintroduction of Cash-to-Master services is a significant milestone for us and the industry.&nbsp;Given the sensitive nature of the cargo, there is an even greater need to design a process&nbsp;that ensures a secure chain of custody, while still making the service a light-touch and easily&nbsp;integrated process. All our work is underpinned by the commitment to realizing greater&nbsp;connectivity, safety and efficiency standards through drone technology, and we are excited&nbsp;to be bringing this much-needed service to our customers in Singapore, Korea and other&nbsp;regions in time to come.&rdquo;</p> <p><em>Saving time and effort, elevating safety and security</em></p> <p>The introduction of CTM deliveries via drone is a significant milestone in Skyports Drone&nbsp;Services&rsquo; efforts to transform legacy processes in the maritime industry. The implementation&nbsp;of an end-to-end digital solution that is easily integrated into the protocols and workflows of&nbsp;end-users provides a service that is up to six times faster than traditional delivery methods,&nbsp;reducing the total completion time from approximately four hours down to under an hour.</p> <p>Ensuring a secure chain of custody is paramount in the delivery of cash out to vessels.Digitalising the process from the point of order to completion via the order management&nbsp;system, together with mandatory user authentication via a one-time code to unlock the&nbsp;drone&rsquo;s payload bay upon landing on the vessel, ensures greater efficiency and secure&nbsp;tracking of the parcel from start to finish. At the same time, the process elevates safety&nbsp;levels while executing the deliveries as the need for manual embarkation and travel by&nbsp;launch boat is removed.</p> <p>Tan Kian Chai, Senior General Manager, Pacific Carriers Limited said:&nbsp;&ldquo;Adopting new&nbsp;and meaningful technologies is an important part of our ethos, as we look to safely,<br /> seamlessly and effectively leverage technological advancements to improve our operations&nbsp;and processes. Our work with Skyports Drone Services has demonstrated the ability of&nbsp;drone delivery technology to create a safer environment for the vessels under our charge,&nbsp;while also safeguarding the security of cash deliveries. We&rsquo;ve received positive feedback&nbsp;from our vessel masters and believe that the adoption of maritime drones reduces emission&nbsp;which underscores our decarbonisation efforts towards a greener environment.&rdquo;</p> <p><em>Expanding operational use-cases with long-standing partners</em></p> <p>The Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) deliveries are being executed with the use of ST&nbsp;Engineering&rsquo;s DrN-35 drone and end-to-end unmanned aircraft solution, DroNet.</p> <p>Skyports Drone Services and ST Engineering have a long-standing relationship, with the&nbsp;former supporting ST Engineering&rsquo;s daily reservoir monitoring missions for the Public Utilities&nbsp;Board (PUB) in Singapore since 2021. In February 2022, Skyports, ST Engineering and&nbsp;Sumitomo Corporation announced the formation of a consortium to pilot a ship-to-shore&nbsp;parcel delivery programme in Singapore. In August 2022, Skyports and ST Engineering&nbsp;further strengthened their ties with the latter making a USD3.13m investment at the close of&nbsp;Skyports&rsquo; Series B funding round.</p> <p>Soo Soon Teong, SVP &amp; Head of Unmanned Air Systems at ST Engineering, stated:&nbsp;&ldquo;Our&nbsp;work with Skyports in Singapore&rsquo;s maritime sector has consistently unlocked new&nbsp;opportunities for enhancing safety and efficiency in the industry, and with each milestone we&nbsp;are seeing greater interest and acceptance from the end-users &ndash; who are the ultimate&nbsp;beneficiaries of drone delivery technology. We are thrilled to see our drones on the frontlines&nbsp;of the marine industry&rsquo;s transformation, and look forward to expanding on our work in the&nbsp;months ahead.&rdquo;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>