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SafeDrone: Comprehensive contracts with drone manufacturers

SafeDrone: Comprehensive contracts with drone manufacturers
SafeDrone: Comprehensive contracts with drone manufacturers. SafeDrone by
<p><strong>SafeDrone by Lufthansa Technik has signed comprehensive contracts with drone manufacturers Matternet and SwissDrones. Both companies will use SafeDrone Health to improve the efficiency of their maintenance programs.</strong></p> <p><strong><em>SafeDrone Health helps to reduce maintenance efforts</em></strong></p> <p><strong>SafeDrone Health is a holistic and manufacturer-independent diagnostic solution especially for flight-critical components of drones. The cloud-based service allows manufacturers and operators to monitor the technical condition of their drones, making technical fleet management safer and more efficient. Based on detailed failure descriptions and maintenance recommendations, repairs can be carried out at the optimal time rather than too early or in reaction to a critical situation. SafeDrone Health makes a proven approach from manned aviation available to unmanned aerial vehicles. This can reduce maintenance costs by 50 percent and more.</strong></p> <p><em>Matternet: Safety as a top priority</em></p> <p>For U.S. drone manufacturer Matternet, SafeDrone Health is an important part of its safety-first philosophy and will support flight operations in Switzerland as well as those conducted under the Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program initiated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).</p> <p>&quot;Safety is our number one focus,&quot; says Andreas Raptopoulos, founder and CEO of Matternet. &quot;By partnering with Lufthansa Technik, we are taking another step to ensure that every operation we implement around the world utilizes the best-in-class technology to keep everyone involved safe.&quot;</p> <p><em>SwissDrones: Comprehensive technical fleet management</em></p> <p>Swiss drone manufacturer SwissDrones aims to become the global market leader for multi-purpose, long endurance heavy lift civil drones. &quot;Due to the increased operational expectations towards our products in use around the world, the deployment of a professional fleet health and safety management platform has become a key initiative for SwissDrones. We are very pleased with the partnership with Lufthansa Technik,&quot; says Lukas Obrist, Board Member of SwissDrones.</p> <p>&quot;We are proud to be working with two strong and innovative companies and support them on their growth path by helping increase the efficiency of maintenance efforts while keeping operational reliability and safety at a consistently high level. All this helps to reduce their operating costs in the long run&quot;, says Philipp Baumgarten, technical project lead for SafeDrone.</p>