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New "SafeDrone" platform minimizes risks for pilots and drones

New "SafeDrone" platform minimizes risks for pilots and drones
New "SafeDrone" platform minimizes risks for pilots and drones.
<p><strong>&ldquo;SafeDrone by Lufthansa Technik&rdquo; is a new initiative for minimizing&nbsp;uncertainties and risks in unmanned aviation. The open and completely&nbsp;transparent platform allows collaboration between all interested&nbsp;market players and provides them with direct access to recognized&nbsp;standards for technology, quality and security in the use of drones.</strong></p> <p><strong>A basic package is available free of charge for drone pilots and&nbsp;service providers and their aircraft that allows them to register and&nbsp;become qualified as well as certified under the &ldquo;SafeDrone Code of&nbsp;Conduct&rdquo;. In addition to an introduction to unmanned aircraft&nbsp;systems, components, and flight and control fundamentals,&nbsp;participants also receive basic training in flight safety,&nbsp;aerodynamics and meteorology. Every participant receives a safe flyer&nbsp;certificate upon completing the training.</strong></p> <p>The contents of the free online training were compiled by experts at&nbsp;Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Aviation Training under consideration&nbsp;of the requirements of several regional aviation authorities. This&nbsp;will ensure optimal awareness and competency among service providers&nbsp;and pilots in the safe and responsible use of their drones.</p> <p>&ldquo;As members of the &lsquo;SafeDrone&rsquo; community, registered users receive&nbsp;online access to checklists and up-to-date information in addition to&nbsp;an identification plate for their drones,&rdquo; says project team member&nbsp;Olaf Ronsdorf. Moreover, customers also receive premium discounts&nbsp;when taking out liability insurance for their drones. The package&nbsp;will be extended continually for discerning and professional users&nbsp;with the inclusion of additional components.</p> <p>Lufthansa Technik will present &ldquo;SafeDrone&rdquo; live from 20 &ndash; 24 March&nbsp;2017 at the CeBit trade fair in Hannover at Hall 17, Stand A30.</p>