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Lufthansa trials UAV at Frankfurt

Lufthansa trials UAV at Frankfurt
Lufthansa trials UAV at Frankfurt. Lufthansa has flight tested unmanned air
<p><strong>Lufthansa&nbsp;has flight-tested an unmanned air vehicle at Frankfurt airport as the airline plans to employ the technology for aerial surveillance purposes for third-party customers</strong>.</p> <p>Together with airport operator&nbsp;Fraport&nbsp;and German air navigation service provider DFS,&nbsp;Lufthansa&nbsp;has tested a remote-controlled, camera-equipped UAV around runway 07L/25R,&nbsp;northwest of the gateway&#39;s main facilities.</p> <p>The runway was temporarily closed for regular flight operations to facilitate the trial.</p> <p>Lufthansa&nbsp;says the objective was to gain initial experience of operating UAVs at airports.</p> <p>It adds that part of the trial was to assess how well the UAV &ndash; which was equipped with a transponder &ndash; can be detected by DFS&#39;s radar systems and accommodated within regular air traffic.</p> <p>The airline plans to use its aeronautical expertise for commercial UAV operations to serve clients in the infrastructure sector to inspect, for example, wind turbines, railway lines and large construction projects.</p> <p>Fraport&nbsp;is considering the use of UAVs to inspect runways.</p> <p>Dubbed&nbsp;Lufthansa&nbsp;Aerial Services, the project is being conducted through the airline&#39;s consulting arm today.</p>