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First Wingcopter authorized partner in South America - SYNERJET

First Wingcopter authorized partner in South America - SYNERJET
First Wingcopter authorized partner in South America - SYNERJET. Wingcopter
<p><strong><a href="https://wingcopter.com/">Wingcopter</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href="https://www.synerjet.com/">SYNERJET&nbsp;</a>&nbsp;announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement.&nbsp;The agreement will allow the Latin American company to act as a distributor and local technical support provider for the Wingcopter 198, Wingcopter&rsquo;s new flagship Unmanned Aircraft System, to customers in the region. SYNERJET is one of the most respected companies in the field of business aviation on the continent, with operations in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, and Guatemala.</strong></p> <p>The agreement makes SYNERJET a member of the Wingcopter Authorized Partnership Program&nbsp;and a first mover on the continent in the&nbsp;fast-growing&nbsp;drone industry. With its vast and sparsely populated areas, Brazil and other South and Central American countries are perfectly suited for different drone delivery applications. SYNERJET intends to provide drone operators, logistics companies, and providers in the healthcare industry with Wingcopter technology.</p> <p>With the WAPP, Wingcopter is establishing a global network of strategic partners. The program allows drone operators, resellers, and agents all over the world to tap the full potential of drone delivery. At the same time, it enables Wingcopter to scale internationally fast and efficiently. Authorized Wingcopter Partners are trained and allowed to operate, promote, and distribute the world&rsquo;s first triple-drop delivery drone, the Wingcopter 198, as well as receive early access to updates, upgrades, and new products.</p> <p><strong>Armando Koerig Gessinger, Head of Sales at Wingcopter, comments: &ldquo;Getting SYNERJET on board as a very experienced and highly respected aviation company in Latin America is awesome. They will enable many drone operators to use fleets of Wingcopters in this part of the world. We experience a lot of interest in Wingcopter&rsquo;s Authorized Partnership Program and in deploying the Wingcopter 198, as more and more companies understand the&nbsp;potential of drone deliveries.&rdquo;</strong></p> <p><strong>Jos&eacute; Eduardo Brand&atilde;o, CEO of SYNERJET, adds:&nbsp;&ldquo;We are delighted to be associated with Wingcopter in Latin America. This step represents an important milestone for us, one that is part of our vision of continued support to developing aviation in the region, reaching out to remote areas more efficiently, and selling and supporting the most suitable products available in the industry.&rdquo;</strong></p> <p><strong>&ldquo;This partnership represents an exciting step on our mission to create logistical highways in the sky throughout the world, and we are very happy to take it together with&nbsp;SYNERJET. It is our first, but certainly not our last step in Latin America&rdquo;, says&nbsp;Tom Pl&uuml;mmer, CEO of Wingcopter.</strong></p>