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EHang launches Aerial Media solutions and services in Europe

EHang launches Aerial Media solutions and services in Europe
EHang launches Aerial Media solutions and services in Europe. EHang
<p><strong>EHang&nbsp;announced that the company has launched its aerial media solutions and services in the European market under the brand &ldquo;DRONEPIXEL by EHang&rdquo;. In a distribution partnership with the event tech company &ldquo;Concept Solutions&rdquo;, state-of-the-art aerial light shows are now being offered to event organizers across Europe.</strong></p> <p><strong>While digital fireworks using drone technologies are already widespread in Asia, there are seldom providers for them in other regions of the world. After the successful expansion into the European market, EHang is now filling this gap. It was one of the first companies in the world to start business with aerial media services in its home market in China several years ago. Over a hundred of shows have been performed to date and delighted an audience of millions. In 2018 EHang received an entry in the &ldquo;Guinness World RecordsTM&rdquo; for the most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously in a light show with over 1,300 AAVs that lit up the night sky in perfect choreography. Further in 2019, it won the championship of the China&rsquo;s Got Talent Show, a Chinese spin-off of the &ldquo;Britain&rsquo;s Got Talent&rdquo;.</strong></p> <p><strong>Compared with classic fireworks, aerial light shows do not cause any CO2 emissions and can be used repeatedly. Therefore, they represent a sustainable and modern evolution that brings fireworks into the digital age. In addition, all imaginable choreographies can be reproduced in three dimensions, making events or brands can be staged in a more dynamic way that has never been seen before. Together with the appropriate background music, live acts or laser shows, stories can be told in the night sky that can still be followed from miles away.</strong></p> <p>In order to expand rapidly in the European market, EHang entered into a sales partnership with the experienced event tech company &ldquo;Concept Solutions&rdquo;. The brand &ldquo;DRONEPIXEL by EHang&rdquo; was jointly developed with various sales channels established. The focus is on the sales platform www.drone-pixel.com, which went live today and is advertised through various channels. Interested customers will find all the information there to simply book aerial media services online. In the sense of a one-stop-shop, the comprehensive event tech offered from Concept Solutions rounds off the show design and can also be obtained directly from the platform.</p> <p>&ldquo;Together we want to offer digital fireworks to a broader target group and make the most modern aerial light shows simple, eco-friendly and affordable for everyone. The fascinating technology from EHang and our experience in the European market form the perfect basis for this,&rdquo; said Florian Weber, CEO of Concept Solutions, in conclusion.</p>