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EHang further expands UAM Pilot City Initiative in Europe

EHang further expands UAM Pilot City Initiative in Europe
EHang further expands UAM Pilot City Initiative in Europe. EHang
<p><strong>EHang established a&nbsp;strategic partnership with Ll&iacute;ria in Spain as its fourth urban air mobility&nbsp;pilot city globally following Seville in Spain, Linz in Austria and Guangzhou in China.&nbsp;As a technology pioneer and the first to market in the UAM industry, EHang will collaborate with the Ll&iacute;ria City Council to develop a 3D air mobility solution for smart cities and launch a pilot operation program of passenger-grade AAVs designed to explore different application scenarios including tourism.&nbsp;In addition, EHang and Ll&iacute;ria City Council will work together with the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency to establish relevant systems and standards to support this new transportation ecosystem.</strong></p> <p><strong>Furthermore, EHang and the Ll&iacute;ria City Council expect to co-develop a modernized and integrated AAV command-and-control platform in Ll&iacute;ria for low-altitude airspace and air traffic management, which will integrate the government demands for AAVs in smart city management.</strong></p> <p>EHang also intends to improve logistic​s delivery efficiency through deploying AAVs and leveraging Ll&iacute;ria geographic advantages of its close proximity to Valencia, one of the important ports in Europe and its location surrounded by sea, islands and mountains.</p> <p>Mr. Manuel Civera Salvador, the Mayor of Ll&iacute;ria, said, &ldquo;We appreciate EHang chooses Ll&iacute;ria for the UAM initiative in Europe. Its disruptive innovation of this new urban air transport vehicle will have a profound impact on our life and many business and service sectors in the near future. We are very pleased to establish a strategic partnership with EHang to create a new mode of cooperation with not only the over 40 UAM initiative cities community in Europe, but also the international network with advanced experiences, to become the frontrunner of this industry.&rdquo;</p> <p><img alt="" src="http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1584695279/416f9b2a/29932381.jpg" style="height:352px; width:600px" /></p> <p>On February 28, 2019, Ll&iacute;ria joined the UAM Initiative Cities Community, one of the European Union&#39;s EIP-SCC (European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities) projects established to promote the transformation of urban three-dimensional transportation.</p> <p>&quot;Ll&iacute;ria not only has beautiful city scenery, but also is well-suited for the deployment of autonomous aerial vehicles. We expect EHang&#39;s UAM ecosystem to bring a new &#39;technological&#39; landscape to Ll&iacute;ria, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy the convenience of life in the &#39;Smart City&#39; era,&rdquo; said Mr. Hu Huazhi, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang. &ldquo;Ll&iacute;ria is EHang&#39;s second UAM pilot city in Spain. I look forward to joining forces with other cities around the world to help create &#39;Smart Living&#39; a reality.&quot;</p>