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EHang Debuts In-City Demo Flight for Commercial Sightseeing Operations

EHang Debuts In-City Demo Flight for Commercial Sightseeing Operations
EHang Debuts In-City Demo Flight for Commercial Sightseeing Operations.
<p><strong>EHang&nbsp;announced its strategic partnership with property developer Heli Chuangxin Real Estate&nbsp;to build out an urban air mobility demonstration project in&nbsp;Guangzhou. This is a major milestone as EHang prepares for the launch of commercial operations of its much-anticipated autonomous flying taxis.Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Heli Chuangxin and EHang are committed to building up the infrastructure for the world&#39;s first commercial in-city sightseeing UAM route in&nbsp;Guangzhou.&nbsp;On&nbsp;November 30, two passenger-grade AAVs of the two-seater EHang 216 model performed simultaneous flight demos, vertically taking off from and landing at Heli Tiande Centre in&nbsp;Guangzhou&nbsp;on the Centre&#39;s opening day. Six EHang 216 AAVs were also on display.</strong></p> <p>&quot;Today&#39;s demo flights mark another key step forward in&nbsp;Guangzhou&#39;s&nbsp;journey to making urban air mobility a reality and lead global efforts in such commercial operations,&quot; said Hu Huazhi, EHang&#39;s founder, chairman, and CEO. &quot;We are thrilled to be working together with our partners to enable safe, autonomous, and eco-friendly urban air travel as soon as possible.&quot;&nbsp;</p> <p>The&nbsp;November 30&nbsp;demos took place four months after EHang announced that it had selected&nbsp;Guangzhou&nbsp;as its first UAM pilot city globally. EHang and&nbsp;Guangzhou&nbsp;plan to establish a low-altitude air&nbsp;transportation network that shuttles passengers and cargo in a safe, fast, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient manner.</p> <p>The pilot program enables EHang to test more flight routes and vertiports before moving into passenger-grade commercial operations. Last year, EHang already started commercial operations of air cargo transportation in and near its home base in&nbsp;Guangzhou, working with the express delivery company DHL-Sinotrans and retail company Yonghui.</p> <p>In&nbsp;January 2019, EHang was selected by the Civil Aviation Administration of&nbsp;China&nbsp;as the country&#39;s first and only pilot company for passenger-grade AAV programs. To&nbsp;date, EHang has safely conducted over two thousand test flights both inside and outside of&nbsp;China&nbsp;to ensure that its AAVs operate safely and reliably.</p>